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Happy Family

I am a physician and I cannot begin to tell everyone how wonderful Michael is! I started going when I had knee and hip pain that was not improving with PT. After two sessions I was dancing and working out again! I highly recommend treatment with accupuncture especially the technique that Michael uses! I am very grateful for his service and no longer living in pain. Thank you, Michael you are amazing!

Divina L.

I have been to numerous acupuncture practitioners over the years, and Michael is by far the most skilled and effective. I initially came to see Michael for severe acne and liver problems—issues that I’ve had my entire life and had sought treatment for to no avail. Michael was very attentive to my issues and made me feel at ease from the very first session. In just a few weeks of treatment, my face has cleared up entirely and my liver enzymes have dropped back down to the normal range. I am in utter amazement at these results, as no other practitioners (including supposedly eminent ones) were able to fix my problems. All the while, Michael’s acupuncture also significantly reduced chronic anxiety that I had had. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone with any form of distress, especially to those who may have been disappointed with previous acupuncture practitioners. He simply exceeds all expectations for what acupuncture can do. Thank you Michael!

Simon C.

Have tried acupuncture before but it's nothing like Michael. Was referred to him by my midwife & OB to help with placenta previa - finally started to move after seeing him for a month! Aside from the previa, any feelings of anxiety or acid-reflux are gone after seeing him; feel better every single time. Just referred my husband to him and highly recommend seeing Michael Lee for any of your ailments or health issues!!

Kadina A.

Michael Lee is gentle, informative, and very professional. He took great lengths to make sure that I was comfortable and that my treatments for a sprained ankle healed quickly (It took two days from the accident to be walking again whereas it would normally take 2 weeks with crutches). I'm still taking it easy though with ice, warm foota baths and compression but it was super critical to see him otherwise I would have missed a lot of work days and ability to help around the house.

Jonathan H.

"This is hands down the best place for acupuncture. I have tried many other places before coming here, but my experience with Michael has been absolutely the best. I feel so much healthier now. I was referred here by a dear friend, and I can't thank him enough! The meditations classes are also a must try!"

G. Jeon

"I had a really bad sprained ankle. Like wheelchair/crutches and cannot walk bad. I went here three times and I could walk again! Michael is the best! Thank you so much! You are a miracle worker!!!"

L. Kim

"Michael Lee is an excellent acupuncturist. I go to Michael for everything from headaches and colds to back pain. I am no longer taking medications, and I feel amazing. Highly Recommend!"

K. Stoltenborg

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